A weekly 50/50 draw where players play the same ticket number for life.

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Goldrush is an ideal product for organizations who want to hold a weekly raffle that keeps players interested. Both in-person terminals and online allow the player to play one ticket number for life and require them to purchase a ticket each week to continue to play and take home the jackpot.

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Goldrush encouraged and enabled us to be what we are today. We’ve grown and expanded exponentially, just as this draw has. Without Goldrush, Food Depot Alimentaire would never be as strong or as financially stable as it is today.

Donna Eagles

50/50 Coordinator, Food Depot Alimentaire

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Keep them coming back each week

Participants register to play and receive one ticket number for life. Each week, players choose to play by buying their number online or at a local ticket terminal. If you pay and your ticket is drawn, you win half the pot! If you didn’t pay and your number is drawn, the pot rolls over to the following week.

    How it works

    1. Secure your licence

    Every Rafflebox fundraiser must be licensed and approved for safe play. We'll guide you through the licensing process in your area to ensure maximum ticket sales. Currently approved in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.
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    2. Set up online or install ticket terminals

    Set up your Goldrush site online with Rafflebox and/or secure permissions to host terminals in local, public-facing locations. Then, our technical experts will procure and install the machines at cost for your organization.

    3. Promote your fundraiser

    Build excitement for your weekly draw through digital marketing and word-of-mouth. Social media and email marketing are effective ways to boost ticket sales.

    4. Pick a winner

    Schedule your draw at the same time every week to build excitement. If the winning ticket number has been purchased, contact the lucky winner and share the good news! If not, the pot rolls over into the following week.

    5. Make an impact

    Collect your organization’s portion of the proceeds and continue doing what you do best - enriching your community one worthy cause at a time.
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    Our pricing model will leave the most money in your pocket

    • No upfront fees – any costs can be paid after your raffle ends and funds raised are in your bank account

    • No credit card required

    • Fees vary based on provincial regulation

    Speak to your Account Manager about pricing.