Our employee payroll 50/50 program allows your workplace to consistently give back to your favourite causes while also creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for employees.

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Switching to Rafflebox has reduced the time it takes for me to organize our employee payroll 50/50 by 80%! I’m so proud to see our employees come together and consistently raise more than $10,000 per month for our chosen causes.

Danna Hanni

Annual Giving Coordinator, Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation

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An employee wins every pay period!

Every pay period an employee wins a jackpot - to plan a vacation, pay off a credit card or chase whatever dream they want! As a group, employees get to donate to one charitable cause. You pick the charity or non-profit organization you want to support.

    How it works

    1. Set up entry

    We work with your HR team to set up automated payroll entry into a 50/50 draw that aligns with your pay schedule.
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    2. Employees opt in

    Employees opt in to have ticket purchases automatically deducted from their pay cheque – ensuring they never miss a chance to win the 50/50.

    3. Support your cause

    As an organization, you support your worthy charitable cause. You provide consistent contributions to the charitable cause your organization chooses to support.

    4. Employees win

    Every pay period, one lucky employee will win the 50/50 draw and be able to do whatever they want with the winnings!

    5. Grow your culture of giving back

    Watch your organization come together to give back and rally behind your chosen charitable cause!
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    Our pricing model will leave the most money in your pocket

    • No upfront fees – any costs can be paid after your raffle ends and funds raised are in your bank account

    • No credit card required

    • Fees vary based on provincial regulation

    Speak to your Account Manager about pricing.