Ticket buyer support

Having issues purchasing a ticket for a raffle? Here are three common issues and a link to connect with our Support Team.

  1. I purchased a ticket and haven’t received my ticket numbers.

    Before sending a support ticket, check your junk/spam mail folder – sometimes the confirmation email for ticket purchases goes into junk mail.

    If you haven’t received your email ticket confirmation 30 minutes after you’ve purchased your tickets, submit a support ticket by clicking on the "Contact Support" button.

  2. I received an error message when purchasing tickets but my credit card was still charged. How do I know if my ticket purchase went through?

    Typically, if there is an issue with purchase, the credit card charge will be reversed within 24 hours. If you need to check immediately if the ticket purchase went through, click the "Contact Support" to investigate your ticket purchase error.

  3. I purchased a ticket but forgot to select a member when purchasing my ticket. Can I have it added in now?

    We can update a completed purchase with the event member you are supporting, even after the transaction is completed. Make sure to have your member name handy when you contact support.