Participants buy tickets for a chance to win a physical or experiential prize. There can be multiple prizes and multiple winners. You take home proceeds from all tickets sales.

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We raised $100,000 for our swim team and awarded one lucky winner a 20-foot RV!

Corey McKeown

Lead Volunteer, Airdrie Phoenix Swim Club

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Stand out with a unique prize

Ideal for organizations with access to impressive prizes. That’s anything from motorcycles to vacations, or dinner with a celebrity. Stand out from other campaigns by offering a one-of-a-kind gift or experience.

    How it works

    1. Secure raffle licence

    Every Rafflebox fundraiser must be licensed and approved for safe play. We'll guide you through the licensing process in your area to ensure maximum ticket sales.
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    2. Create your raffle webpage

    With you in the driver seat, Rafflebox will create your custom webpage in 2 days or less! Help us tell your story by sharing graphics and a description of your organization.

    3. Sell tickets

    Sell tickets by sharing a simple link through email or social media. Ticket buyers will enjoy a mobile-friendly experience and secure credit card payment options. Increase your reach even further with our custom marketing support!

    4. Reach your goal and pick a winner

    Avoid printing thousands of tickets by choosing a winner with our certified Random Number Generator. Then, contact the lucky winner and share the good news!

    5. Make an impact

    Collect your organization’s portion of the proceeds and continue doing what you do best - enriching your community one worthy cause at a time.
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    Our pricing model will leave the most money in your pocket

    • No upfront fees – any costs can be paid after your raffle ends and funds raised are in your bank account

    • No credit card required

    • Fees vary based on provincial regulation

    Speak to your Account Manager about pricing.