Valley Zoo Development Society - Treasure Chest Prize Raffle

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Sun Dec 22 2024

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200 for $50

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Mon Jan 15 2024

Sales End

Sun Dec 22 2024

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Sun Dec 22 2024

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Edmonton Valley Zoo

The Valley Zoo Development Society – Treasure Chest Raffle

Welcome to our jewelry raffle! Celebrate the joy of giving on three special occasions – Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day and Christmas. Delight your loved ones with a chance to choose a dazzling piece from our collection. Each draw offers a unique opportunity to pick a stunning jewelry item, making it a gift they truly want. Purchase your raffle tickets now and make their day extra special with a gift of their choosing that sparkles with love and elegance!

The proceeds of this raffle will support capital development at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, in particular the construction of a new arctic wolf habitat.

The Valley Zoo Development Society is a registered charity, and a registered society in the province of Alberta whose mandate is the continued development of the Edmonton Valley Zoo, including its conservation and education initiatives.

Featuring 5 precious pieces, from left to right:

  • 14kt Tri color gold, three-row earrings with textured details - 1,400.00
  • Ladies 14kt yellow gold ring with pink tourmaline and diamonds - 4,375.00
  • Ladies 14kt yellow gold right with an emerald and diamonds valued at 3,000.00
  • Ladies 14kt Multi stone ring with a bi-colour sapphire, brilliant cut ruby, oval brilliant cut pink sapphire and an oval cut brilliant cut sapphire
  • Ladies 14k yellow gold hand-crafted pendant set with rubies and diamonds, valued at 4,375.00

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