Neebing Fire/Rescue Association 2024 50/50 Cash Raffle #6 Fundraiser

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winner takes $1,160

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Wed Jun 26 2024

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400 for $100

150 for $50

30 for $20

5 for $10

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Wed Mar 27 2024

Sales End

Wed Jun 26 2024

Draw Date

Wed Jun 26 2024

Draw Location

Neebing Municipal Complex 4766 Highway 61, Neebing, Ontario

Neebing Fire/Rescue Association is a registered CHARITY comprised of community volunteers dedicated to FUNDRAISING to support Neebing Emergency Services. The volunteers started in the early 1970s when there were no organized emergency services. Early efforts included acquiring water packs and portable pumps to protect from grass and brush fires. Today our community benefits from 5 fire halls, 35 volunteer firefighters, and current emergency equipment including battery powered Jaws of Life and state of the art front line fire pumper.

Neebing Emergency Services are our Neighbours and Heroes! This 50/50 will purchase the Fire and 1st Response equipment that will support our Emergency Services and, by extension, our whole community.

Someday you might find yourself in this situation:

You’re on a road trip when an oncoming car crosses into your lane without warning. You hear a crash, and your car shudders sideways into the ditch. Then all is quiet except for the hiss of a punctured radiator.

In your foggy, time-warped trance, you hear sirens and see flashing lights. Your leg throbs. You taste blood from a cut on your lip. Doors slam, and footsteps approach. You sense movement nearby, and a voice asks your name. Warm hands steady your head, then ease a supportive collar around your neck. Your vision is blurred, but you see dark shapes moving around outside your car. The tension in your body eases as you realize that someone is helping you.

“Don’t worry,” the voice says. “We’re going to make some noise, but we’ll get you out of here.”

You hear glass break, and metal groan. You feel strong hands strap something to your back and lift you onto a board. You can breathe better now with help from an oxygen mask. You feel like you are floating as shadowy figures carry you away from the wreck. Then bright lights appear overhead announcing that you’ve been transferred to the care of paramedics headed for the hospital. The shadowy figures disappear like a mirage. Who were they, and where did they come from?

They were probably volunteer first responders and firefighters. In small communities around Ontario, volunteers respond day or night, dropping everything at the tone of a pager to come to your aid. Vehicle extrication and medical first response are just some of the services they provide. They appear with specialized equipment and training, do their best to help, then vanish back into the camouflage of their daily lives.

Emergency situations transcend geographic boundaries. When you dial 911, you expect a quick response, regardless of GPS coordinates. But fire protection and medical first response don't just happen in small communities. They are provided through careful planning and sacrifice of local residents. Training and emergency calls take a bite out of personal time, and expensive essential equipment is often procured through fundraising.

Buy your tickets today to support this great cause!

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