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Tue Sep 03 2024

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Sat May 18 2024

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Tue Sep 03 2024

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Tue Sep 03 2024

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MARS Visitors Centre

MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre is a busy wildlife rehabilitation and education facility located in Merville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our wildlife hospital treats over 1000 animals per year, including raptors, waterfowl, songbirds, raccoons, and fawns. In 2023, our visitor centre and gift shop hosted over 6000 guests. We have been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife since 1995.

Our mission: To conserve and protect native wildlife and its natural habitat through education and rehabilitation.

MARS is a charitable organization whose purpose is:

  • the rescue, recovery, rehabilitation, and release of ill, injured, orphaned or oiled wildlife
  • to educate the general public about wildlife issues through lectures, displays, workshops, reports and publications
  • to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of wildlife by participating in research and sharing that information with wildlife organizations and the general public through meetings, seminars, conferences, reports, and publications.
  • to conserve and protect wildlife and promote the conservation of wildlife habitat.

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