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Sun Apr 14 2024

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Tue Mar 12 2024

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Sun Apr 14 2024

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Sun Apr 14 2024

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The Lake Louise Grizzlies Ski Club is excited to launch our next 50/50 Fundraiser!

The winner takes up to $10,000!

We Love to Ski. Founded in the 1970s, the Lake Louise Ski Clubs are dedicated to building skiers for life and provide competitive and pre-competitive programs for athletes ages 5-19 and train on some of the best terrain in North America. Our athletes pursue all facets of skiing, but they all have one thing in common; they all start as Grizzlies!

The Lake Louise Grizzlies Ski Club is the start of our athletes' journeys as skiers for life. Our focus on strong ski fundamentals, and fostering a love of skiing gives our young Grizzlies a unique opportunity to explore any opportunity they can dream of with skis on their feet. Grizzlies make lifelong friends, learn about respect in sport, inclusion, supporting others and of course how to put in their best effort each day on the slopes. After the age of 9, Grizzlies move on to our Race or All Mountain Clubs with the skills and confidence to chase their goals, and with a love of skiing that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Through the season the Lake Louise Ski Clubs hosts many events and races for Grizzlies and for our older programs. These events bring our community together through sportsmanship, competition, volunteerism, and the idea that we can offer incredible experiences for our Grizzly athletes now and in the future. Fundraising campaigns such as the 50/50 play a vital role in supporting various races, programming and initiatives aimed at providing more resources for our Grizzlies.

We are thrilled to announce that this raffle will open in time for Western National Championships. The draw date is set for April 14, coinciding with the final day of our Doug Meyers Invitational hosted by our very own Grizzlies organization.

Your support empowers our Grizzlies athletes to start carving out their path to success on the slopes, and ensures the continuation of events that they eagerly anticipate as they pursue their long-term goals. 

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