IMRG Bluenose 2056 Motorcycle Raffle Fundraiser

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Fri Jul 05 2024

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1 for $100

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Wed Nov 15 2023

Sales End

Fri Jul 05 2024

Draw Date

Fri Jul 05 2024

Draw Location

Inverary Resort, Baddeck Nova Scotia

IMRG Bluenose 2056 Society and ECIC 2024 are excited to announce

our 2024 Indian Pursuit Motorcycle raffle!

Grab your tickets now!

Winner will receive a beautiful, ready to go 2024 Sunset Red Metallic Indian Pursuit Limited Motorcycle.

Money raised will help IMRG Bluenose 2056 Society with the ECIC 2024 Event held in Baddeck Nova Scotia along with Feed Nova Scotia fundraising,

A big thank you to Rallye Motorsports, Halifax for supplying the raffle motorcycle to the IMRG Bluenose 2056 Society at our cost and thereby helping to ensure this project is a success.

Thank you for your continued support towards the IMRG Bluenose 2056 Society

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