Friends of Red Deer Hospital 50/50 cash Bonanza

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winner takes $45

Sales Ended

Wed May 01 2024

Ticket Prices

100 for $100

10 for $50

3 for $20

1 for $10

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Mon Apr 01 2024

Sales End

Wed May 01 2024

Draw Date

Wed May 01 2024

Draw Location

Friends of Red Deer Regional Hospital Office

Friends of Red Deer Hospital with the City of Red Deer, is excited to announce our monthly online cash 50/50 fundraiser! - Grab your tickets now!
Friends of Red Deer Hospital exists to raise funds that go directly to the Red Deer Hospital for Patient Care and Comfort.  We are based in Red Deer, and we have been raising funds for the Red Deer Hospital Patient Care and Comfort for over 40 years. We believe in people helping people.
Funds raised by this raffle will support your local hospitals' needs to improve Patient Care and Comfort.
The winner will be contacted to claim their prize.
Thank you for your support!

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