2024 World Para Ice Hockey Championship 50/50!

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winner takes $2,965

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Mon May 13 2024

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Wed Apr 17 2024

Sales End

Mon May 13 2024

Draw Date

Mon May 13 2024

Draw Location

Calgary, AB


Ticket Number: C-2714

Drawn On: Mon May 13 2024

The Calgary Sledge Hockey Association is honored to assist with hosting the 2024 World Para Ice Hockey Championship in Calgary, AB!

The Calgary Sledge Hockey Association is a registered non-profit charity.

Your support makes it possible for the Calgary Sledge Hockey Association to provide our amazing athletes from Calgary and surrounding areas with opportunities to participate in the sport of Sledge (Para Ice) Hockey!

The Calgary Sledge Hockey Association remains an all inclusive, all-volunteer organization. 

100% of every dollar raised goes to directly support our players! Your support helps us purchase equipment and helps cover the cost of ice time. Like ice hockey, sledge hockey is an expensive sport that involves unique equipment to participate. A sled fitted with skate blades is required for each player to sit in on the ice. Mini hockey sticks with ice picks on one end are used to propel a player on the ice. In addition, full padding and helmet are required for each player. The cost of all this equipment is over $1000/player. Beyond equipment, the ice rental costs to provide players with practice and game opportunities is over $6,000/month.

With over 70 players rostered to multiple teams, we compete in tournaments throughout Canada and the United States. Supporting more players and more teams, awards our players the benefit of having more playing time at each level of skill.

Together, our efforts will enhance the lives of adults and children with or without physical disabilities as we strive to develop character, sportsmanship, self-esteem, and physical fitness while enjoying sledge hockey!

Good luck to all!

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