VOS' Frozen: A Fridge Revival

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winner takes $520

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Ticket Prices

60 for $20

10 for $10

3 for $5

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Thu Jul 20 2023

Sales End

Mon Sep 25 2023

Draw Date

Mon Sep 25 2023

Draw Location

VOS Hall

There's no place like home, and VOS has recently had a lot of expenses to help keep our rehearsal hall safe and comfortable for our productions, as well as our rentals. One of our major expenses is the purchase of a new fridge, as ours has recently gone somewhere over the rainbow. 

So while we gear up for Wizard of Oz, we will also be mounting Frozen: A Fridge Revival this summer - in the form of a 50/50 draw! 

Get the best odds in town, and help us make the hall sparkle like the Emerald City -- buy a 50/50 ticket package. Draw will be on September 24th, live at the AGM! 

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