Thunder Bay Salmon Association RTV Raffle and 50/50

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Thu Sep 01 2022
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Fri Apr 01 2022

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Thu Sep 01 2022

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Thu Sep 01 2022

Draw Location

Kubota Thunder Bay, 635 Hewitson Street, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5V5 at 11AM


Ticket Number: 13663

Drawn On: Thu Sep 01 2022

The Thunder Bay Salmon Association is a volunteer-run non-profit organization whose objective is to enhance recreational sport fishing of Chinook salmon in Lake Superior and the Great Lakes. Fundraising initiatives are critical to the operation and management of the salmon fish hatchery where Chinook salmon are raised until they are ready to be released into Lake Superior. Survival rate of salmon roe/fry is significantly higher in a hatchery environment compared to a natural spawning habitat and therefore plays a key role in creating a sustainable Chinook salmon population which contributes to a viable sport fishing industry on Lake Superior. As the only operating salmon fish hatchery on Lake Superior, it’s important that our hatchery success continues as this will benefit anglers for years to come.

Your support of the Thunder Bay Salmon Association through the purchase of tickets for our online raffle and 50/50 draw is greatly appreciated.

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