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Sun Oct 02 2022

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Tue Aug 02 2022

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Sun Oct 02 2022

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Sun Oct 02 2022

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Tara Centre Evergreen Park

The Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention is excited for our 1st in person Chair Extraordinaire event in the last two years to bring together community and raising funds for programming in suicide prevention.

We realize that now, more than ever, being connected to our close friends, community, and family is important. So, for our 12th annual Chair Extraordinaire we will be having an online draw prize for cooler with alcohol, mixes and items to make that special drink.  Winner will be announced on October 1, 2022 at the Tara Centre in Evergreen Park.

RCSP has helped to reduce suicide and its effects in our region for over 40 years. We have created safe spaces for people to share their stories of depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns and have helped them find hope and support.

We have supported youth in finding ways to form positive coping skills, build resilience, and foster lasting and supportive relationships with family, friends, and peers. These conversations are changing the dialogue around bullying and suicide in our community’s youth.

We have helped men normalize talking about mental health, accessing support, and supporting other men. We have taught that it is life saving to ask about suicidal thoughts and that it's possible to help peers, friends, and family members find the help and resources they need.

We have trained thousands of people to intervene safely in crisis situations. Let’s keep the conversation around suicide prevention going and continue to save lives.

We currently run a number of programs in the community including Community Helpers, Connect, Tough Enough to Talk About It, Men's Talk, Men's Support Group, Men's Shed and the Gryphon/Phoenix Youth Groups (formerly the Breakfast Club),

Final Day for Ticket Sales: October 1st at 12pm.

Draw Date: October 1st at 12pm

Draw Location: Tara Centre, Evergreen Park

The draw and winner will be announced at our event.

If you have any questions about our event, or this raffle, please email [email protected]

Thank you so much for your support of the Resource Centre for Suicide Prevention, and of our 12th annual Chair Extraordinaire!

If you’re interested in viewing the other portions of our fundraiser visit our website at https://www.sp-rc.ca/12th-annual-chair-extraordinaire/

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