Keep the North Hill Club lights on! Shed some light on Curling! Don't be left in the dark!

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Fri Mar 04 2022

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Mon Jan 17 2022

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Fri Mar 04 2022

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Sat Mar 05 2022

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North Hill Curling Club, 1201 - 2nd Street NW, Calgary, Alberta, T2M2V7

When the club was rebuilt post fire in 1995, halogen lights were installed in the ice shed due to, this was the current and more effective technology.  Halogen lights are energy hogs.  They run hot and do have a small degree of ambient heat that influences our management of the ice.  They are very expensive and with rising utility costs, they're not financially and functionaly viable today.

Management and board have put together an infrastructure plan to replace our current lighting setup, moving from Halogen to LED technology.  LED lights are more efficient in terms of power consumption, brighter and better light diffusion and most importantly, they contribute to a 40 to 50 % utility cost savings per month.  

For any infrastructure initiatives for the club, we work with the City of Calgary to submit a conservation grant for a 75% refund of the project cost.  The remaining 25% can be recouped by applying for an environmental and provincial (CFIP) grant and augmenting revenue by means of this 50/50 raffle.  The City will assign an engineering firm (Free of charge as part of our lease agreement) to asses and provide consultation when a vendor is selected.  Depending on grant application timelines for approval and engineering decisions, we are targeting to install our LED solution this coming summer of 2022 or the latest, the summer of 2023.

Let's keep the lights on!  Brighten up your day and get your tickets soon!  

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