Mummers Festival 50/50 Fundraiser

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winner takes $515

Sales Ended

Sun Dec 11 2022

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5 for $15

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Wed Nov 23 2022

Sales End

Sun Dec 11 2022

Draw Date

Fri Dec 16 2022

Draw Location

34 Sudbury Street, St.John's, NL


Ticket Number: 1109

Drawn On: Fri Dec 16 2022

The Mummers Festival is a participant-focused, community-based festival that encourages the celebration of mummering traditions. Each year, the Mummers Festival hosts events over the first two weeks of December leading up to its crowning event, the Mummers Parade. Workshops, public forums with mummer experts, lectures and school programming act as educational and momentum-building events for the big Parade Day. Participants can build a jaw-snapping hobby horse or learn how to play their own homemade ugly stick. Audiences meet mummer experts (those long-term, experienced locals who have been mummering for decades) and receive first-hand knowledge about the many intricacies of this tradition.

The Mummer Parade draws out families and friends of various backgrounds and ages who dress in mummer disguises and parade through the streets. For this one day, everyone is a mummer with the freedom to act out in fun and surprising ways. The Mummers Festival successfully taps into one of the most important elements of the mummering tradition: social bonding. Like many other Christmas traditions, mummering brings together families, friends and strangers alike to create a sense of community. The Mummers Festival and Parade is the biggest celebration of this 300 year old tradition. It is the newly veiled face of mummering working to keep cultural identity alive and strong.


November 26th - December 10th, 2022

Mummers Parade: Saturday, Dec 10th in Bowring Park

*50/50 Fundraiser Ticket Sales end Saturday, December 10, 2022 at midnight.

**50/50 draw date is December 16, 2022 at the Victoria Park Poolhouse, 34 Sudbury Street, St.John's, NL. 

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