First Steps Wellness Centre -Encourage Recovery Tour 2022 - Win a 2022 Polaris 650 XC

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Tue Mar 01 2022




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Thu Jan 20 2022

Sales End

Tue Mar 01 2022

Draw Date

Tue Mar 01 2022

Draw Location

12pm at FSWC Regina


Ticket Number: 1812

Drawn On: Tue Mar 01 2022

We will be riding 5000km across Saskatchewan and Manitoba in order to raise enough awareness of our raffle to sell 5000 tickets!!! 

Our target is to raise $175,000 to help support FSWC through these difficult times. Covid has had an impact on every business including FSWC. These funds will go a long way in helping with some of the loses we endured through covid and to help set us on stable ground for the coming year. 

  • Prizes
  • Grand Prize - 2022 Polaris 650 XC ($16,000.00)
  • 2nd Prize -FXR Adrenaline Gift Card ($1,000.00)
  • 3rd PrizeFXR Adrenaline Gift Card ($1,000.00)
  • 4th PrizeFXR Adrenaline Gift Card ($1,000.00)
  • 5th PrizeVisa Gift Card ($1,000.00)
  • 6th PrizeVisa Gift Card ($1,000.00)

Good luck and thank you for your support!

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