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Sun Nov 06 2022

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Mon Aug 01 2022

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Sun Nov 06 2022

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Mon Nov 07 2022

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3pm on Zoom


In the 1990s, renowned artist Bernard Poulin created a painting called Silent Sky. It was intended to become the cover for a CD by Bernard's friend, Canadian pianist and composer Hagood Hardy. But, sadly, Hagood died in 1997 before the album could be recorded.

Why was the paining missing?

Silent Sky was on display at an art gallery in Bermuda. Somehow it disappeared and remained missing for 31 years. It was re-discovered recently and returned to Bernard Poulin’s studio in Ottawa.

Bernard has graciously donated Silent Sky to CSARN for a raffle.

What is the ‘puzzle’ part?

The mystery Silent Sky painting's dimensions are: 30" x 30". This means its image surface is 900 square inches. CSARN is therefore selling only 900 chances to win the artwork. Remember, for every $55. ticket purchased, another square will be unveiled to show more and more of the mystery painting. 

To view the Missing Painting Puzzle, go to www.csarn.ca/missing-painting .

Hope you enjoy the evolving reveal of our mystery fund-raiser and may your ticket win! 

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